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[MAY 2014] Another academic year is in the books. Some notable happenings:

 • I was invited to join the advisory board of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP, ). This group fosters renewable and clean energy technologies within New York State, and provides resources for budding companies to grow and develop.

• Five students graduated from my group with their Masters degree (with thesis) this year. They are:

          1. Mr. He Tao (staying on for a Ph.D. in my group)

          2. Mr. Hanfei Chen (staying on for a Ph.D. in my group)

          3. Mr. Chih-Chieh (Dennis) Lin (entering industry)

          4. Mr. Siddhartha Gadiraju(pursuing a Ph.D. at Virginia Tech)

          5. Mr. Yogesh Bedeker (joined Cummins in Indiana)

          Congratulations to all!

 • One of the senior design groups that I advised won First Place among their class in their class. Seniors Connor Beierle, Brian Streckenbach, and Ankit Tyagi designed an automated battery changer for a quadcoper. Their project was entitled “Robotic Batter Exchange Station for a UAV”. Two other teams working with me did similarly impressive projects. Congratulations!

[April 2014] My students took first place in the Department’s annual poster session for the Industrial Advisory Board for their poster entitled “Thermoelectrically-driven sustainable sensing and automation systems for fault tolerant nuclear incidents”. Other faculty on the work include Prof. Lei Zuo and Prof. David Hwang. The graduate students who worked on this project include Mahder Tewolde, Hanfei Chen, Chih-Chieh Lin, He Tao, Gaosheng Fu (Prof. Zuo’ student), Tao Zhang (Prof. Hwang’s student).

[September 2013] I finally got around to putting my promotion file together, and was promoted to Full Professor.

[August 2013] ThermoLift, Inc., an incubator comany in the Advanced Energy Center here on campus, just won a large DOE grant that includes a subcontract for our group. The topic is to develop an advanced natural-gas-driven heat pump. We also have a separate SPIR project with ThermoLift for additional development work for this device.

[April 2013] We took first place in the Poster Session at the Advanced Energy Conference in New York City on April 30-May 1! The poster was entitled Thermoelectric-driven Sustainable Sensing and Actuation Systems for Fault-tolerant Nuclear Incidents, based on recent work from our NEUP program (see below). The lead author was Ph.D. Student Mahder Tewolde, along with additional students Gaosheng Fu, Di Liu, Tao Zhang, He Tao, Chih Chieh Lin, Hanfei Chen, Chao Nie, Weixiao Zheng, and Fan Liu. Faculty members on the program include Profs. Lei Zuo, David Hwang, John Metzger (deceased) and myself.Congratulations to all of the students on this achievement!

[October 2012] We won a spot in the 2012-2013 MaxTech and Beyond ultra-low energy use applicance design competition ( The concept is to use cooler outside temperatures during fall/winter/spring to reduce refrigeration electricity costs. Eight teams were awarded $20k each to worko on the project for the 2012-13 acadamic year, and will compete for the best design on a webinar on May 23, 2013.

[January 2013] In collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratories and Michigan Technical University, we recieved an ESTCP award from the Department of Defense to install a modern evaporative cooler on a DoD data center and assess energy savings. Details can be found here:

[Jun 2012]: I just returned from a month-long visit to Japan. I traveled on a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Visting Fellowship and visited Tokyo, Matsushita, Tsukuba, Izuku, Hiroshima, and Toyama. My host researcher was Prof. Fushinobu in the Department of Mechanical and Control Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. I presented at the 2012 Nano-Radiation Conference on May 23-25 in Matsushita and attended the 2012 Japanese Heat Transfer Conference in Toyama on May 29-31. It was a very productive visit, and good to see many old friends as well as meet new ones.

[May 2012]: We just learned that we have been awarded a DOE NEUP award. The project is entitled "Thermoelectric-Driven Sustainable Sensing and Actuation Systems for Fault-Tolerant Nuclear Incidents." The 3-year, $600k grant will focus on developing thermoelectric-based sensing systems for nuclear power facilities in the event of plant blackouts. Co-PIs are Profs. Lei Zuo, whom with I have several other thermoelectric projects, and David Hwang at Stony Brook, and Prof. John Metzger, the Director of Nuclear Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Pittsburg.

[Feb 2012]: I will be at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the spring semester and summer as a Guest Scientist while on my sabbatical.

[Jan 2012]: I am now officially a Professional Engineer (PE)! I took the PE exam in October in Brooklyn, NY and was granted the PE license in January, 2012 in New York State. I am planning to be in charge of the National Society of Professional Engineers chapter at Stony Brook in the fall when I return from my sabbatical.

[Dec 2011]: I am finishing my role as the Undergraduate Program Director starting Jan 2012, after having held this position for 5 1/2 years. I will be on Sabbatical leave during the spring 2012 semester, but I will be available by email. Note also phone and room changes above, as I am back in my regular office now.

[Nov 2011]: We just learned that we received a NYSERDA grant entitled based on improving the manufacturing efficiency of thermoelectric devices. This 1-year, $100k grant complements our NSF grant below and allows us to further develop our thermal-spray-based thermoelectric activities. Co-PIs are Profs. Lei Zuo and David Hwang, who joined us from Prof. Grigoropoulos's group in January, 2012 as an Assistant Professor.

[Oct 2011]: I will be finishing up five and a half years as the Undergraduate Program Director in December, and will be taking my first sabbatical in spring, 2012. I plan to do some traveling around the U.S. as well as to Japan, and ramp up my research activities.

[Oct 2010]: We recently won an NSF grant to develop thermoelectric devices for automotive exhaust systems. The PI is Prof. Lei Zuo from Mechanical Engineering, with co-PIs myself, Prof. Sanjay Sampath from Materials Science, Prof. Baosheng Li from the Mineral Physics Institute and Dr. Qiang Li from Brookhaven National Laboratories. The three-year program aims to develop thermoelectric materials using thermal spray and laser processing technologies that can be fabricated directly onto exhaust system components for improved vehicle fuel efficiency. Details can be found here.

[Apr 2010]: A nasty server crash coupled with my lack of experience with Web design resulted in the site being only minimally useful for the past few months. I've rebuilt the server and am re-working the web site. Thanks for your patience. As always, comments are welcome.