Radiation Sky Cooling for Improved Residential Appliance Efficiency

  • Uses the much cooler temperature of the outer space to provide terrestrial cooling.
  • Good energy efficiency and avoid traditional energy consumption.
  • Achieve a lower surface temperature than ambient, enables refrigerator working longer without electricity.


Every year the cold seasons in north America, provides great eternal cooling recourse for radiative cooling for either industry or residential use. With proper design of radiator structure, we trying to minimize the convection effect as well as the conduction to assure a good radiation cooling performance which can simply enables a cooling device (like a refrigerator) working without electricity for seasons when working conjunction with some other devices.

The goal of this project is to achieve lowest surface temperature for radiator in the condition outside temperature around four to five degree higher than inner desired (refrigerator)temperature.



Possible methods

Using cover and IR transparent pigments

Use wind shield while painted with IR pigments